Need for Speed Underground 2

Preview the game that has players racing all night


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  • License Free
  • Size 38.93 MB
  • Works under Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95
  • Language English
  • Program by Eagames

Catch the Action of NFS Underground 2

While Need for Speed Underground received rave reviews, there is no denying that the game took a large amount of hours to complete. For gamers who are trying to decide whether or not the sequel is worth playing, the trailer is here to answer their questions. Read on to discover if the video is a good representation of what people can expect from the game.

As you would expect, the video tries hard to represent the excitement of playing Need for Speed Underground 2. The video starts with a high speed car chase that attempts to put viewers behind the wheel of the car and actually feel like they were racing for real. Although this is kind of cool, the graphics feel quite old and viewers might well feel like they should be able to expect much more from a Need for Speed game.

Of course, the cars play a starring role in the video and several different cars are represented in all their glory. There are lots of planning shots of different cars and they certainly do look very cool. Whether or not the controls will be easier to use in the second instalment is not really revealed, but for sheer eye candy alone the cars definitely deliver.

The creators have gone to great lengths to represent the feel of the game without giving too much away. As a result, viewers are not really given an insight into the different missions that they will need to take part in and whether or not these missions will go on too long. As this was one of the main complains of the original Need for Speed game it may be an important consideration for some people. However, in order to find this out gamers will actually have to download Need for Speed Underground 2.

A video trailer is the perfect time for gamers to put their best foot forward and demonstrate what players can expect from the game. However, the graphics are rather dated and take away from the excitement of the game to a large extent. Despite this flaw, the video manages to capture the excitement of the game fairly well.


  • A good representation of what players can expect
  • Lots of cool new features
  • Some great cars to play with


  • Not an actual game that can be played
  • The video is rather short
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